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In these times, it’s important to remember the reason we IACC Approved Seal - Click To Verify
have meetings, conferences, strategic planning sessions, and other face-to-face gatherings. There is a definite desired outcome for each program, and achieving these goals is vital to the success of your company.

It's Time to Meet. Why pick The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center?

It's Time to Be Productive. As a founding member of the International Association of Conference Centers, everything we do revolves around providing our guests with a great conference experience. Your attendees will be comfortable and productive. Your objectives will be met.

It's Time for Convenience. While only minutes away from Texas’ George Bush Intercontinental Airport and a very short drive from Houston proper, the entire Woodlands area seems worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Secluded in a mature pine forest with all the amenities of a major metropolitan area, this truly is the best of both worlds. (Airport shuttle is available for your out of town attendees.)

It's Time to Be Served. The entire staff is trained to offer conference-focused service to ensure your attendees are comfortable, productive, and pampered.

It's Time to Meet Your Budget. A variety of meeting packages are available, all designed to make budgeting for your event simple, and affordable.

It's Time to Rejuvenate. Two championship golf courses on site. 21 tennis courts. Complete spa and fitness center. 5 pools including the Forest Oasis Waterscape complex. Abundant shopping (more retail shops in our area than in The Galleria area which is famous for shopping) and dining (over 60 restaurants in a five-mile radius.)

If you’re interested in learning more about how The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center can help you achieve your meeting goals, please contact us at or via phone at 866-361-1729.

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Meeting Resources

Now more than ever, meeting planners and companies are having to justify their meetings.
Here are some resources to help you do just that.

Meetings DeliverMeetings Deliver

Meetings drive sales and profitability for business and enable organizations to deliver on key strategic objectives. They serve as a catalyst for education and professional development, motivation, behavior change and concrete action. And for the hundreds of local economies that rely on the meetings economy, conferences create jobs and tax revenues wherever participants gather. Meeting professionals have known this for years. Now they can prove it. Read more...

Productive MeetingsChoosing the Right Meeting Setting to Motivate and Reward Your Team

Great meetings happen when people are relaxed and inspired. Goals are met when people communicate and teams work together. Companies move forward when their people feel valued and motivated to do their best. Experience has shown that this all happens naturally when you select your meeting venue wisely. Read more...


The Conference Center DifferenceWhy Choose a Conference Center

Conference Centers provide a uniquely designed setting, superior services and support, plus dedicated, professional staff to give you maximum results. Thousands of meeting planners understand the conference center concept and trust how it delivers the technical sophistication and specialized services today's meetings demand. Discover how conference centers can make a difference for your organization. Read more...

Standing Up For MeetingsStanding Up For Meetings

In her recent presentation at Affordable Meetings National in Washington, D.C., Christine Duffy, president and CEO of Maritz Travel, characterized the recent meetings industry crisis as a major storm at sea. “This storm has made some industry people fearful and others mad,” she told the audience. “But we’ve all learned a few things from it... We’ve done a lousy job of educating everyone from people in our own industry to federal policymakers about the value of meetings." Read more...


Meetings MatterMeetings Matter

Recently, the Convention Industry Council (CIC) launched the grassroots campaign “FACE TIME. It Matters.” in response to a CIC-commissioned survey citing image, publicity and public policy as major reasons many planners expect to book fewer face-to-face meetings. Read more...

Revive Business with MeetingsReviving Business with Meetings

If you could rate the terms most commonly used by American business leaders in 2009, “budget reductions,” “travel restrictions” and “revenue shortfall” would almost certainly be in the top 10. But here we are in a whole new year and the constrictive mindset of 2009 is slowly being replaced with a spirit of recovery. Read more...


Revive Business with MeetingsTen Meetings That Rocked The World

Meetings, conferences, conventions—when people get together, the opportunity to change the world is always at hand. Sure, a lot of the world's advancements (or backslides) started with an idea or invention by one person, but most of the time help was supplied down the line. And even with emergence of online meeting technology, in the end it's the face-to-face meeting that contributes the most to causes of change. Read more...


Proving Meeting ROIProving The Value of Meeting & Events

Measuring the value of events is a hot topic these days—research proves ROI is increasingly demanded by those who spend money on meetings. MPI's FutureWatch 2010 survey, conducted by research firm Association Insights and sponsored by American Express, found for the second consecutive year that more than 70 percent of organizations are using objective benchmarks to track the value of their meetings and events—a sure sign that event ROI measurement as a trend is here to stay. Read more...

It's Time to MeetMeetings Build Business!

Over the past few months, the meetings industry has been highly visible in the news. Unfortunately, much of the coverage has been either inaccurate or just plain mean. On this page, you'll learn what the meetings industry is doing to stand up and defend itself with facts and guidelines that prove meetings build business. We'll also explore how you can join the cause and Keep America Meeting! Read more...


Meetings Mean BusinessMeetings Mean Business

Take control and turn meetings into business investments. Talk the language of business and help your corporate or association stakeholders succeed as they get you incremental meetings and budget. Remember: Your sales VP loves the national and international sales rally. It’s the only way to introduce product and people and get that big boost in confidence. Read more...


Face to Face MeetingsWhy Face to Face Meetings Matter

Given the existing data and research, it is clear that face-to-face meetings are used less frequently and there is substitution effects via the use of computer aided communication devices. However, the data indicate that meetings indeed “matter” and that the use of such face-to-face meetings has a variety of valuable psychological as well as business outcomes. Read more...

Meetings Change the WorldWhen We Meet We Change The World

Video presentation promoting MPI WEC 2009 showcasing the impact of meetings on the world. Where might we be without meetings?
See video...


LakesideMaking The Case For Meeting

Although the perception of meetings is not as big a concern as it was a few months ago, the intense scrutiny the industry experienced in 2008 and 2009 will continue to influence how meetings and events are designed in 2010. Budgets will remain tight, there still will be fewer perks for attendees, and planners will continue to downscale F&B, entertainment and activity expenditures. Read more...


Face to Face MeetingsBusiness Meetings: The Case for Face to Face

Can webconferences, videoconferences and other virtual meetings really take the place of face-to-face contact? With travel budgets slashed in the wake of recessionary belt-tightening,
companies are increasingly turning to technology as a substitute for in-person contact. Yet business executives overwhelmingly agree that face-to-face meetingsare not just preferable but necessary for building... Read more...

Business TravelEmail Saves Time, But Being There Says More

“If you are going to disagree with somebody... You want to do it face to face.” That kind of advice can cost a company money, at a time when most are carefully weighing the expenses versus the benefits of business trips. But it also reflects a subtle cultural divide between those whose careers have been spent on the road, and those — typically younger employees — who are more comfortable with electronic communications, whether e-mail or, increasingly, videoconferencing. Read more...

Other helpful meeting resource links:

Meetings Mean Business

International Association of Conference Centers

Meeting Planners International


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