Sales Team

Tory Enriquez
Director of Sales and Marketing, 24 years

Corinne Dever
Director of Group Sales, 25 years

Crystal Rios
National Sales Manager, 15 years

James Coumbe
National Sales Manager, 25 years

Jo Smith
National Sales Manager, 29 years

Julie Charros-Betancor
Latin America Sales Manager, 30 years

Kim Lowe
National Sales Manager, 25 years

Melissa Kaiser
National Sales Manager, 2 years

Conference Planning Team

Kendra Clough
Director of Conference Planning, 21 years

Ceci Hernandez
Conference Planning Manager, 20 years

Diana Nemeth
Conference Planning Manager, 15 years

Kristen Bevilacqua
Conference Planning Manager, 11 years

Michelle Word
Conference Planning Manager, 16 years

Penny Hammer
Conference Planning Manager, 31 years

Vanessa Moore
Conference Planning Manger, 15 years

Catering Team

Brad Whiting
Director of Catering, 20+ years

Judy Patterson
Senior Catering Manager, 20+ years

Lauren Laugharn
Catering Manager, 4 years