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For four decades, The Woodlands Resort has provided a convenient escape to nature and recreation for families, couples, golf and tennis enthusiasts, and business travelers.   The gorgeous forest setting provides the backdrop for a resort of grand proportions, offering an array of leisure and business amenities and genuine Texas hospitality.

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In 1973, American businessman, real estate developer and philanthropist George P. Mitchell laid out his visionary ideas for The Woodlands, a master-planned community in Montgomery County, Texas.   With the closest hotel located almost 45 minutes away, Mitchell’s first order of business was to build a local hotel where he could host investors and corporate partners – a place where key contacts could experience firsthand Mitchell’s concept of living and working in a natural environment.   Within a year, a modest, 218-room property known as The Woodlands Inn opened down the street from the community’s first neighborhood in the Village of Grogan’s Mill.

During those early years, The Woodlands Inn was also home to future residents who needed a place to stay while their homes were being built.   Guest rooms offered full kitchens and the property’s south wing featured boutiques, an ice rink and the area’s only restaurant.   The hotel prospered and expanded in pace with the community.  Over the next decade, multi-million dollar expansions and renovations transformed the property, renamed The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center, into the region’s premier meeting destination.

In 1981, The Woodlands Resort became a founding member of The International Association of Conference Centers (IACC).  Between 1989 and 2002, the property invested in larger meeting space, more guest rooms and more spacious public areas.   Recognizing the need to complement its group business with a complete experience for vacationing families, the Resort also invested $27.5 million to build an entertainment experience for the entire family, well-appointed poolside guest rooms and Forest Oasis: Lazy River & Waterpark.

Today, The Woodlands Resort is revealing a $60-million expansion and renovation that will ensure its success and sustainability for years to come.  The fundamental principle of founder George Mitchell still resonates clearly in The Woodland Resort’s mission – to provide a place to meet and gather in a setting inspired by and connected to its beautiful natural surroundings.

Award-Winning Service

While consistently maintaining its welcoming attitude and proud service tradition over the years, The Woodlands Resort continues to evolve, with enhancements and thoughtful updates.

The Resort has completed a $60-million expansion and renovation, which encompassed the addition of a new guest wing, lazy river and steakhouse restaurant along with updates of the property’s 60,000-square-foot Conference Center, arrival entrance, lobby,  Bistro lounge and various common areas.

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