leveling up

Leveling Up

The Woodlands Golf Academy welcomes players of all levels with everything they need to improve their time on the
course. Along with short game and swing guidance, this stellar facility offers our guests club fittings, group instruction,
and other outstanding services.

training like a pro

Training Like a Pro

A comprehensive golf training facility, The Woodlands Golf Academy offers a range of instruction, from videos to indoor and outdoor sessions designed to help people improve their short game and full swing, among other areas.

The Woodlands Golf Academy also offers Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screenings and program design, assessing factors that could be holding golfers back from their true potential. The result is a custom-designed, personalized workout and stretching program that promotes greater strength, balance, and flexibility for golf and everyday living.

Individual Instruction

Individual Instruction

There is nothing better than having personalized attention with one-on-one golf instruction. No matter your personal style, personality, and skill level, The Woodlands Golf Academy has an instructor who will bring out the best in you.

Improve Your Golf Game by Setting Up Instructional Training
Available for hotel guests and golf club members only by calling 281.364.6250