the woodlands resort story

From the Beginning: The Woodlands Resort Story

As soon as the city skyline fades in your rear-view mirror and you turn off the highway into the Woodlands, something starts to happen.

Greys turn to greens. Highways become high trees. Spirits start to soar. Blood pressure begins to drop. The pines become a forest and the woods envelop you in a warm embrace.

Suddenly the trees part and reveal The Woodlands Resort – where we’re waiting to greet you like old friends for a long overdue visit. Now, you can relax. Your stay has begun- you have arrived.

history of the woodlands resort

The History of The Woodlands Resort

At The Woodlands Resort, timelessness transcends the tranquil pine trees surrounding our enchanting oasis. Here, harmony in nature endures. And it continues to inspire ever since American business executive, real estate developer, and philanthropist George P. Mitchell set forth a master-planned community, The Woodlands, and our then modest property and predecessor, The Woodlands Inn, that would follow in the early seventies.

Nearly five decades later, the vision of having a place to connect – whether with nature, friends, family, colleagues, or new experience – is still central to the heart of The Woodlands Resort. Over the years, our property has emerged as an expansive, luxurious retreat surrounded by parks, pathways, golf courses, lakes, and forest preserves set in the middle of the beautiful Texas Piney Woods.

Resort to Nature at The Woodlands Resort!