A Pampering Experience

The serene surroundings of The Woodlands Resort, both indoors and out, provide the perfect setting to unwind, breathe, and just be. For guests who want to relax even more, we can arrange for select spa-inspired in-room massage services that promote renewal, balance, and well-being in their private sanctuary. All services are provided by Zeel.

$150/ 60 min. | $185/ 75 min. | $220/ 90 min.

This traditional Swedish-style massage uses light to moderate pressure and incorporates a variety of techniques to promote balance and relaxation, from gliding to kneading.

$150/ 60 min. | $185/ 75 min. | $220/ 90 min.

Ideal for the end of an active day, this treatment offers a strong, deep massage, designed to alleviate muscle tightness and the effects of strain.

$150/ 60 min. | $185/ 75 min. | $220/ 90 min.

Designed for mothers-to-be, this gentle massage uses body cushions to help increase circulation, providing relief from swelling and cramping.

$150/ 60 min. | $185/ 75 min. | $220/ 90 min.

Targeting persistent muscle discomfort. Focuses on the deeper layer of muscles, tendons, and fascia, releasing painful knots and reducing overall aches and pains.

To book your treatment or for additional assistance, please contact the Front Desk or call 281.364.6250. Reservations must be made with advance notice of 6+ hours and cancellations require 4 hours notice in order to avoid cancellation fees.

Services available daily from 10am to 9pm.