An Oasis for Outdoor Adventure

Given the lush settings of The Woodlands, it is no surprise that people like to spend a great deal of time outside with fresh air,
natural sunlight, gleaming lakes, over 200 miles of hiking and biking trails, and more than 150 local parks to discover,
among other highlights. 

george mitchell nature preserve

George Mitchell Nature

This popular attraction spans 1,700 acres and is part of the Montgomery County Spring Creek Greenway. Here, active types can enjoy a scenic stroll on the two-mile main hiking trail or bike the paths along the lake.

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lake woodlands

Lake Woodlands

Kayakers and standup paddleboard enthusiasts can head to this 200-acre freshwater lake for some fun. Neighboring North Shore Park is also an excellent spot for fishing, playing volleyball, and enjoying a picnic afterward.

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parks and pathways

Parks and Pathways

Visitors can have their pick of places to stroll, hike, bike, and take in the scenery of The Woodlands.

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swan boat rentals at the riva rowboat house

Swan Boat Rentals at the
Riva Rowboat House

What a fantastic way to get on the water and explore the scenery than on a giant swan? You can pedal at your own pace from Town Green Park to the Upper Waterway to the edge of Lake Robbins and back again.

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